Beyond the dead TV

Beyond the dead TV


As you hopefully noticed – i switched to pixelpost after getting awesome amounts of spam using folderblog. i’m still tinkering – i have to finish off the about section and some other tweaks, but the spam was driving me so crazy that I decided to just turn it on. I do also need to migrate as much of the old site across – images, descriptions and other content will hopfully make the jump… its going to take awhile. hope yall like it.

5 Responses to Beyond the dead TV

  1. heiko says:

    let's do this photoblog thing! love the shot. the light streaks are pure genius

  2. /d says:

    I can see you hiding in that tv reflection mate! You can run but ya can't hide!!! 🙂

  3. gosu says:

    thanks geezers!

  4. I like this better — plus the type you used for 'gosu' is pweety!


  5. Craig Parker says:

    Awesome…love the light streaks in the background. There's this sense of some synaptic signal been transferred and received. The reflection's a doozy as well.

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